Needs Assessments: Interpreting Education

RSA CFDA #84.160A&B

The TIEM Center spearheaded the seminal National Consortium (NCIEC) Needs Assessments Initiative (2005-2010). During that tenure, the first national needs assessments in interpreting, interpreting education, and vocational rehabilitation were designed, implemented and widely disseminated. Produced with funding from RSA #H160A&B, the information informed the field and have been essential for those creating the vision of our future in interpreting education. The needs assessment reports produced under our leadership are available through the links below. Included, wherever possible, are the final reports, any webinars and other supporting materials.

Interpreter Education Needs Assessments (2007; 2010)



  • Practitioner Needs Assessments (2007; 2010)

Interpreter Referral Agency Report 2008

Deaf Consumer Needs Assessment Reports (2008; 2009; Comparison 2009)

Vocational Rehabilitation Needs Assessment Report 2009

Our staff and affiliates can assist with needs assessments for your program, project, or agency. Please contact us at the for more information. You can also contact the National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM) to access this material.