Winston Presentation: Meaning & Interpreter Education 2012

Hello and Welcome! I hope this link works so that you can view the presentation. This is a private presentation and not intended for public viewing, sharing, or distribution. Thank you for respecting these conditions of viewing!

Betsy Winston, Director, TIEM Center

This presentation is in spoken English. We are preparing an ASL interpretation, but until that is available, please click here for the written transcription of this video. TranscriptionWhat is Meaning Presentation

Scroll down the page to find the slides for the powerpoint presentation, and supplemental readings that add to the content.


Winston: Meaning-What Do We Mean? Copyright 2012, Not for re-distribution from Betsy Winston

Password: TIEMCenter (or tiemcenter)

This is the full video presentation to accompany the ppt slides for this presentation.

The powerpoint pdf to accompany this can be accessed here: Meaning-What Do We Mean Powerpoint Slides

I’ve also included a few articles within presentation. I’ve added them here as well so that you can read them prior to watching the presentation. The Eugene Nida Dynamic Equivalence and Dell Hymes SPEAKING files are directly relevant to the presentation, as are the 3rd (Winston Design Curric) and 4th (Winston – Dissertation Ch 3: Meaning). The last 2 (Discourse Mapping Devl Coherence Skills 2000 and Discourse Mapping Translation GPS 2005) are supplemental and simply FYI.