Mentoring: The Concept of Role-Space (Llewellyn-Jones & Lee)

Peter Lewellyn-Jones and Robert G. Lee have shared an enlightening new perspective on the role of interpreters. In addition to a recently published volume (see more info at bottom of this page), The articles, webinar, and presentations found on this page offer additional information about the concept of role-space as it redefines the role of interpreters.

The video was made through a co-sponsored project with Robert Lee, the TIEM Center, and GURIEC.  The concepts of role space discussed here are dynamically new and exciting for our fields of interpreting and interpreting education. We hope you find the presentation valuable as part of your repertoire, teaching, interpreting, and mentoring!
The webinar is presented in spoken English with ASL interpreting and captions.

Click here for the Powerpoint slides that accompany this webinar: Gallaudet Role Space Oct 2012

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