ABSTRACT: Assessing sign language interpreters in the UK: Different paths up the mountain

          As with all countries, the UK’s current system for assessing interpreters has been influenced by legacy assessment systems and other national initiatives. The presentation with give a brief history of how we arrived at the current assessment. And then look at the use of the National Occupational Standards for interpreters and their role in the assessment, qualification, and registration of interpreters.There will be a discussions of the university route and the portfolio route to gaining full professional status as a registered interpreter in the UK.

PowerPoint Handout: XMU_Panel-slides_CStone

  • Presented by Christopher Stone at the international Xiamen University 100th Anniversary Conference, Panel on Sign Language Interpreting Education & Assessment (April 2-3, 2021)
    • Presentation Language: spoken English, with English captions.
    • Run time: Approx. 16 minutes

Biography: Christopher Stone is a Reader in Interpreting and Translation at the University of Wolverhampton. He teaches at the BA and MA level, and is the Director of Studies or Second Supervisor for 4 PhD students. His research interests include the history of interpreting, community interpreting models, and interpreting in the broadcast and webcast media. He is also the current President of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters.