Hello and Welcome! This private Video presentation is not intended for public viewing, sharing, or distribution. If you are watching this, your instructor or facilitator has provided you with the PASSWORD you need to view the video. Thank you for respecting these conditions of viewing!

The video presentation  supports the required study material, Draft for Students- What is Discourse Analysis?  The study material can be accessed by clicking on the title. It is in spoken English, with an ASL interpretation. It also has a written transcription of this video: Click here to download it: Transcription – What is Meaning Presentation (The transcription may include the second part of the presentation; don’t worry–you don’t need to read or review the second half for this course!)

The powerpoint pdf to accompany this can be accessed here: Meaning-What Do We Mean Powerpoint Slides (Again, the PPT may include slides that include more thaan the video presentation-the second half of the presentation is not relevant to this course, so you can ignore the extra slides.)

I mention a few articles within the presentation. I’ve added them here so that you can read them prior to watching the presentation if you choose. They are optional materials.