Evaluation & Assessment

The TIEM Center brings a wealth of evaluation and assessment experience to the table. Our evaluation experience includes both qualitative and quantitative design and implementation. We strive to make the evaluation experience both effective and useful for those involved, basing our analyses on a broad array of data collected from interviews, surveys, documentation and impact studies. From 2005-2010, the TIEM Center led the evaluation program for the National Consortium, introducing evaluation to the work of the grant-funded projects for the first time in their history. The TIEM Center staff have experience in several ground-breaking evaluation and assessment projects, including:  


The TIEM Center’s research staff is led by Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Winston, Ph.D.  With over 40 years of research experience in educational interpreting, discourse analysis in both ASL and English, interpreting, teaching, and assessment, the Center is committed to conducting research that can be applied by educators, practitioners, and other researchers. 

Most recently, the TIEM Center led the Effective Practices team of the National Consortium, establishing the first coordinated research efforts in the field of interpreting and interpreter education, and raising the bar regarding the use of evidence-based practices in the field of interpreter education.

The TIEM Center’s research focus is toward research that is both accessible and applicable to the work of educators and practitioners of interpreting. Among other projects, the TIEM Center conducted the research for the Master Mentor curriculum, and the Masters in Interpreting Pedagogy, both recognized as models in the field of interpreting education.