Resources for Learning

Want to become a teacher? a mentor? Already a teacher, and want to expand your skills?

Interested in Questionsconducting research? Looking for research guidance?

We offer a variety of educational opportunities, mentoring, and coaching for teachers. mentors, and researchers in  both ASL and interpreting. Classes and workshops range from daily practical teaching management and administrative skills to advanced assessment, evaluation and feedback practice. Introductory and advanced opportunities for learning about and participating in research about interpreting and teaching are also available. Most of our classes and workshops are available via the web, and offer exciting opportunities to learn and network with like-minded peers and colleagues from around the world!

TIEM Classes, Activities, and Self-Paced Learning

Educator Webinars

Master Mentor Program

We can also design and develop individualized classes, workshops, and programs to address your needs. Dissertation and thesis coaching is also available.

Do you have suggestions for other classes and workshops? Please send them to!