The purpose of the team is to identify and foster quality and effective mentoring as an essential component of the system needed to close the gap between pre-service education and certification, and beyond. The efforts of this team directly support the NCIEC goal of significantly increasing the number of qualified and credentialed interpreters in the field by focusing efforts on identifying current, best, and eventually effective practices in mentoring activities across the country that enhance interpreting services to Deaf, Deafblind, hard of hearing and non-deaf consumers. Through these efforts, best practices will be documented and promulgated so that resources and energies invested in mentoring activities are more efficiently and effectively utilized. The goals that guide the work of the Mentoring work-team include:

  • Identify the current, best and eventually effective practices in mentoring of ASL/English interpreters.
  • Identify resources that effectively enhance mentoring activities.
  • Promote: 1) standards and 2) programmatic evaluation as critical elements in fostering and maintaining effective mentoring practices.
  • Foster and support mentoring initiatives which are effective, sustainable, and replicable.

Please click on the links for snapshots of the work of the Mentoring team throughout the grant:

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