Linguistic & Cultural Diversity

The NCIEC is working to ensure that all NCIEC activities and products include perspectives and input from linguistically and culturally diverse communities. We actively seek feedback, counsel and involvement from stakeholders who are under-represented in our field. Furthermore, we understand that people access NCIEC information and programs through a variety of ways and work to ensure that all NCIEC materials are accessible to the broadest audience possible.

The Linguistic and Cultural Diversity team strives to continually assess and improve the accessibility of the NCIEC as well as reach out to diverse communities. Currently the team is refining its scope of work to ensure that the perspectives, needs and input from Deaf consumers of all linguistic backgrounds, including semi-lingual and a-lingual, are included. The team values input and feedback and encourages stakeholders to contact the team at any time with suggestions, concerns, ideas, or feedback.

Please click on the links for snapshots of the work of the Linguistic and Cultural Diversity team throughout the grant:

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