Deaf Interpreting

The NCIEC is investigating effective practices in Deaf Interpreting Education. A partner network of seven Deaf interpreters has been convened to inform and carry out this work. Accomplishments to date and underway include:

  • Conducting a pilot survey gathering demographic and work environment data from Deaf interpreters;
  • Convening a forum on Critical Issues in Deaf Interpreting, June 2006;
  • Presenting on Deaf interpreting at CIT 2006
  • Compiling an annotated bibliography on Deaf Interpreting available online;
  • Conducting a series of small focus groups and interviews, one in each of the NCIEC regions and one for Deaf interpreters of color for the purpose of identifying current DI practices and training needs;
  • Presentation of Critical Issues in Deaf Interpreting at RID 2007;
  • Conducting a national survey of Deaf interpreters to gather demographic and work environment data;
  • Comparing and contrasting learning goals of current Deaf interpreting educational activities;
  • Planning to design, offer, and assess the effectiveness of a Deaf Interpreting education institute Summer 2008.

Ultimately, the goal is to identify effective practices in teaching Deaf interpreting, including curriculum and appropriate delivery methods to meet the educational needs of current and future Deaf interpreters. You can visit their website to read the annotated bibliography, and access more updated information about this team.

Please click on the links for snapshots of the work of the Deaf Interpreting team throughout the grant:

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If you’d like to learn more about this team’s work with the National Consortium, please visit the National Consortium site.