Deaf Advocacy Training Initiative

In keeping with RSA priorities, the overarching purpose of the Deaf Advocacy Training work team is to enhance the Deaf Community’s experience, effectiveness and utilization of interpreting services. The goal of DAT is to increase the Deaf Community’s ability to self-advocate for effective communication by participating in educational training opportunities that are culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate.

DAT contracted with CSD of South Dakota to document the need for and identify the most effective way to provide this type of training. Two additional data collection efforts included an annotated bibliography of Deaf advocacy and self-advocacy resources, completed by T.S. Writing Services, and a survey of vocational rehabilitation counselors.

The DAT team has been developing a specialized curriculum devoted to Deaf self-advocacy.  After working with deaf advocacy agencies and deaf curriculum specialists to develop it, the DAT workteam is pleased to announce its availability. For more information about the DAT accomplishments and  products, and to obtain a copy (CD/DVD format) of the curriculum, please go to

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If you’d like to learn more about this team’s work with the National Consortium, please visit the National Consortium site.