Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Facilitator: Jeremy L. Brunson, Ph.D.

Dates: July 20-August 23, 2020 (4+1 Format)


During this webinar, we will explore and reflect on our own participation and experience with power, privilege and oppression both at the individual and systemic level.   Our readings and discussions will examine the manifestation of power, privilege and oppression at various levels within our society.

During the 5 weeks (4+1 format) of this interactive online learning community, we will actively discuss the topics and applications during Weeks 1-4; Week 5 is a time for overall reflection, and/or a focus on and discussion of any projects you might choose to complete about this topic. Through the discussions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Study a variety of work about the nature and impact of power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Reflect on your previous and expanding understandings of power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Discuss your reflections about your own participation and experiences with power, privilege, and oppression, at both the individual and systemic level. Discussion occurs via online forums.
  • Synthesize your understanding and learning through optional summaries of discussions and readings.
  • Apply your learning to interpreting, interpreter education, and consumer needs, through discussion and optional projects.

Please Note:

  • Specific Pre-requisite skills/knowledge: Experience interpreting and or teaching interpreting.
  • Languages: This online Learning Community is accessible via written English readings. Discussion forums may also include ASL and/or International Sign Language postings-participants need to supply written English translations.

Logistics & Materials

  • Required Text: None! The relevant readings will be provided online for every participant.
  • Interactive online discussions: To facilitate active online discussions, registration is typically limited to between 8-15 people. If registration exceeds the limit, we might split registrants into multiple sections; If registration falls below 8, we will let people know and refund the registration fee in full.
  • Cost: $210.00 $105.00 each webinar: We recognize the challenges of COVID-19! Registration fee is reduced 50%
    • Returning TIEM webinar participants receive 20% discount! Total cost per webinar =$84.00
    • Took it once, but want to review the same webinar again? $25 $15.00 if space is available!

Webinar Refunds: 50% refund if requested in writing 15 days before start of event; no other refunds are available, unless the webinar is canceled due to low enrollment (less than 8, at discretion of Facilitator).

  • Times: At your own convenience during the dates, but there are specific times/dates for assignments.
  • Location: In your favorite chair, home or office…in your pajamas?
  • Target Audience: Interpreters, Educators, Mentors (experience level – intermediate thru advanced)

Schedule & Format: Summer 2020 (Tentative)

Saturday, July 18, 12:01AMMonday----Thursday, 11:59PMFriday----Sunday, 11:59PM
Wk. 1
July 20-26
Introductions, Readings & Discussions: Macro-level understandings & experiences with power, privilege, and oppressionTopic continued: Macro-level understandings & experiences
Wk. 2
July 27-Aug 2
Topic continuedTopic continued
Wk. 3
Aug 3-9
Readings & Discussions: Meso-level understandings and experiences with power, privilege, and oppressionTopic continued: Meso-level understandings & experiences
Wk. 4
Aug 10-16
Topic continuedTopic continued
Wk. 5
Aug 17-23
Reflective Review and Project (if doing one)

RID CEUs Professional Studies CEUs can be earned by participating in this webinar. These are provided as a part of your registration fee, but each participant must track and submit documentation at the end of the webinar in order to receive RID CEUs. More information about this process will be provided at the beginning of the webinar.

Please contact with questions and for detailed information about earning RID CEUs. Documentation for earning CEUs must be submitted no later than 10 days after the end of the webinar.

We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity to discuss new ideas with colleagues and peers!

Facilitator: Dr. Jeremy L. Brunson

Independent Scholar, USA

Jeremy L. Brunson holds graduate degrees in Social Justice & Social Inquiry and Sociology from Arizona State University and Syracuse University, respectively.  He earned his doctorate at Syracuse University as well as a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Disability Studies. His book, Video Relay Service Interpreters: Intricacies of Sign Language Access, was published by Gallaudet University Press in 2011. He also co-authored (with Drs. Cynthia B. Roy and Christopher A. Stone) The Academic Foundations of Interpreting Studies: An Introduction to Its Theories (2018).   His research interests are in the broad area of the sociology of interpreting and live at the intersection of sociology work and the professions, sociology of disability, critical theory.  His interpreting practice is primarily in the legal arena. He has published and presented about video relay service, educational interpreting, invisible labor deaf people perform, professionalization of sign language interpreting, and ethics. He was awarded The Irving K. Zola Award for Emerging Scholars in Disability Studies in 2009 and was named a Fulbright Specialist in 2017 and spent 6 weeks in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia helping to establish the country’s first Interpreter Training Program.

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