Earn RID CEUs for Participant Initiated non-RID Activities

Step One:  Choose the activity/conference you want to attend. The activity/conference does not have to pertain strictly to interpreting. It can be a regional or national conference of another profession or could be a formal in-service training by an employer. As long as the activity is educationally beneficial to you as an interpreter, it can earn CEUs for you!

Step Two:  Prepare the information required to request PINRA CEUs by either downloading the PINRA Request Form .pdf format (sign, scan, and return by email) or by filling in the electronic .pdf  PINRA Request e-Form .  For review and approval, email your form to

Gather any pertinent documentation such as an agenda, program book. If possible, make an electronic copy in .pdf format.

Step Three:  The TIEM Center will advise you of the status (approved/not approved). If approved, the TIEM Center will provide you with a signed approval, and information to complete your request, submit payment, and submit your final reporting documents.

This form must be submitted online to and approved by the TIEM Center before the activity begins!

Step Four:  Upon completion of the activity, attain a certificate of attendance or documentation such as an agenda or program book.  Follow the instructions provided to you with your PINRA approval for submitting required documentation, and/or contact for help in finalizing your PINRA CEU award.

NOTE: Documentation must be submitted to TIEM within 10 days of completing the activity.

PINRA Cost:  $50.00 per submission

PINRA CEUs already approved by TIEM?  You will receive an invoice when your PINRA activity is approved. CEUs will be posted to RID after you submit documentation of attendance, pay the fee, and have your PINRA form finalized through the TIEM Center.