Master Mentor Certificate Program

The Master Mentor Program is a primarily online program, with some onsite practicum required. This program has been discontinued by Northeastern University. We are currently seeking programs that would be interested in offering these courses. If you would like more information, please email us at

Mentors are specialized educators who know how to guide adult learners in a process of professional self-discovery. Interpreters paired with mentors can work on particular issues they are facing. Usually, there is an immediate benefit in terms of skill growth, but in addition, interpreters who are mentored begin to lay foundations for their own long-term skill improvement. That is because with good mentorship they have learned how to learn. They know how to assess their own skill levels and how to set specific targets for themselves that are directly related to the enhancement of their work lives. Interpreters can also help others to lay those foundations when they begin to mentor each other.

The Master Mentor certificate program prepared interpreters and interpreter educators to serve as “mentors” for interpreters at all skill levels. “Mentors” are those experienced interpreters who provide support and direction to newly graduating and less experienced interpreters, helping them make the transition from undergraduate education programs to the working environment.


Master Mentor Certification Program