Independent Studies for RID CEUs

Want to design a new class?  Teach an online workshop?  Mentor others?
Conduct some research?  Expand your learning?  Study new research?
Try something NEW for an enriching independent study!
Have a teaching activity to share? a research project?
Let us help find creative ways to earn CEUs for your professional development!

Application Instructions

Step One:  Decide the activity for which you want to earn CEUs. Keep in mind that the Independent Study will require you to answer questions such as What and why you want to do the activity? What are your specific goals? How will you accomplish these goals? How will you show what you have learned? How much time will the activity involve?

Step Two: Download and complete the e-Independent Study Plan.  Email your completed form to Betsy Winston at You may only begin work on your Independent Study once the TIEM Center approves and signs-off on the Independent Study Plan!

NOTE: A maximum of 2.0 CEUs can be awarded for each Independent Study; however, you can break up a large project into several smaller projects and submit each for additional CEUs. Rule of thumb for calculating Independent study CEUs: 1-2 hours of work on an independent study = 0.1 CEU. If you have questions about filling out the form or fail to receive a response within 48 hours, please contact Betsy Winston

Step Three:  The TIEM Center will advise you of the status (approved/not approved). If approved, the TIEM Center will provide you with a signed approval, and information to complete your request, submit payment, and submit your final reporting documents.

This form must be submitted via email to and approved by the TIEM Center before the activity begins!

Step Four:  Document your time and efforts throughout the activity as outlined in the Independent Study Plan. At the completion of the Independent Study, follow the instructions provided to you with your Independent Study approval for submitting required documentation, and/or contact for help in finalizing your IS CEU award. The TIEM Center reviews the documentation to ensure that it meets the standards and goals agreed upon in the Activity Plan, and if so, upon receipt of payment, will file the paperwork with RID.

NOTE:  Documentation must be submitted to TIEM within 10 days of completing the activity.

That’s all there is to it! Once you have your ISP approval form from the TIEMCenter, you can start earning CEUs for your learning!

Costs for Independent Study CEUs:  $50/CEU request (from 0.1-2.0 CEUs per request, which is the RID allowable maximum for a single Independent Study project)

NOTE:  Independent Studies MUST receive approval PRIOR to starting the activity. Hours and study conducted prior to approval cannot be counted toward your CEUs-this is an RID requirement that cannot be waived.