Project TIEM Online 2000-2005

Project TIEM.Online began thanks to grant funding (Department of Education, RSA #84.160C) at the University of Colorado, Boulder (2000-2003), and later moved to Northeastern University (2003-2005) for the remainder of the grant cycle.

During that first grant cycle, Project TIEM.Online gained national and international recognition for its work in curriculum development, including graduate certificates in Teaching Interpreting/ASL; the Master Mentor Program (2001-2005), and the Interpreter Educators: Domains and Competencies, which served as the foundation of the Master in Education: Interpreting Pedagogy (2005-2011).

The archived website and information can be accessed at the Project TIEM.Online website. If you have questions about the work, or the products, and any links aren’t working, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in our work!