Portfolios are an important tool for interpreters and interpreting mentors. The Portfolio Place project was one component of our efforts to identify and better understand the processes and learning needs of students who want to become qualified interpreters.

The Portfolio Place served two important purposes. It provided a place for interpreters, mentors and educators to develop and store relevant and important information about their work. It was also a place for gathering statistics and information about how interpreters make the journey from novice graduates to credentialed, experienced interpreters.

As an interpreter building a resume, you can:

  • Create and store a comprehensive listing of your interpreting experiences
  • Store several video samples of your interpreting work in a variety of settings
  • Prepare a professional resume to send to potential employers, agencies, and conferences
  • Send your resumes to interpreting agencies, school districts, and other employers

The TIEM Center turned over full, proprietary control and maintenance of Portfolio Place to Northeastern University after March 31, 2011. Please contact the university for more information.