National READS Program

The National READS program is an exiting, affordable, and geographically accessible way for interpreters everywhere to develop professionally while obtaining CEUs by reading and interacting with colleagues locally and nationally through a sustained, professional dialogue through our online conference center.

Step 1: Register each month at

Step 2: Receive reading material, electronically, on the latest findings in the field of interpreting; topics ranging from discourse analysis to ethical decision making.

Step 3: Read material at your own convenience, prior to the online discussion.

Step 4: Participate in a monthly* online seminar and submit four reflective posts to our online question forum.

Step 5: Receive CEUs for reading and discussion time.

*Participants can register for each month or for individual months.

The National READS Program is designed to provide interpreters with an opportunity to improve their facility in reading research-based material for professional development, increase interpreters’ familiarity with the focused topic, provide additional resources on topics to support interpreters in their continued learning, provide an affordable and geographically accessible way for interpreters to develop professionally and obtain CEUs, and increase interpreters’ ability to interact professionally with other interpreters through a sustained, professional dialogue online. A face-to-face component is also being developed for implementation in 2010.

Amanda HF Mueller, CI/CT will be leading this project. Amanda has been interpreting professionally for fifteen years. She holds a BA from Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN, and is now completing her MA at Northeastern University in the Master of Interpreting Pedagogy Program. As a professional interpreter and educator Amanda has presented and co-presented on several topics including discourse mapping, constructed action, idioms, and dynamic equivalence and is the creator of the successful ICRID Reads! Program. Previously, Amanda was the chair of the Indiana Board of Interpreter Standards, a member of IUPUI’s ITP Advisory Board, and the coordinator of the Indiana 3 S.T.E.P. Mentoring Project. She is currently in transit to Washington, DC to join the staff of Gallaudet Interpreting Services.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, please fill out a form and we’ll contact you when it begins.

You can also email us at