The Evaluation team was charged with carrying out evaluation processes that focused both on the degree to which the NCIEC had effectively worked to maximize resources and minimize duplication through the collaborative approach, and the extent to which the effective practice-based resources and products developed and disseminated by the work-teams improved interpreter education outcomes. The Evaluation team revised and implemented the Year 3 evaluation of Centers and the Consortium. It also began planning for the year 4 and 5 evaluation. The team also collaborated as possible with the Planning and Programming team in the development of procedures and performance measures to be used to assess the progress of the programmatic work-teams, and the effectiveness and impact of NCIEC-provided products and services, including changed practices, increased knowledge and improved skills.

The National Center provided leadership to the Evaluation team. In addition to regular team activities, the National Center worked directly with RSA in the dissemination of Year 2 evaluation reports, and in the required follow-up procedures related to the findings of that evaluation.