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RID Mentoring Volume Abstracts DUE April 2, 2012.

Sloan-C Effective Practices Site

Sloan-C Effective Practices Site  To help make quality online education accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere, at any time, the Sloan-C community shares techniques, strategies, and practices in online education that have worked for them. All effective practices are peer reviewed to both insure quality and to give submitters some documentation for tenure and promotion […]

Signs of Development

Signs of Development WWWorkshops mimic on-site workshops to the greatest extent possible. You can expect a linear format of information which includes a video of the presenter with accompanying text-based information.

Sign Language Specialists

Sign Language Specialists This is a useful resource for educators; clicking on the “Resources” link on this page takes you to more resources, especially to “The Teaching Professor” which is a rich source of information for higher education faculty.

National Center for Developmental Education:

National Center for Developmental Education: What Works: Research-Based Best Practices in Developmental Education What Works features results from the “Best Practices in Developmental Education” benchmarking study by the Continuous Quality Improvement Network and the American Productivity and Quality Center. These results are combined with findings from a decade of research by the National Center for Developmental […]

Effective Practices for Teaching Interpreting: Domains and Competencies

In 2000, Project TIEM.Online, directed by Dr. Betsy Winston, received a Department of Education grant (#H160C030001). One major goal of that grant was to investigate, and design, and implement a curriculum for teaching teachers how to teach interpreting. From that research and design, a set of domains and competencies for a teaching program was developed. […]

Basic Skills Initiative: Effective Practices Literature Review & Overview of Institutional Examples

Basic Skills Initiative: Effective Practices Literature Review & Overview of Institutional Examples The approach to conducting the study combined the intense work of a group of associates of the Center for Student Success with iterative reviews of each of the three work products by a panel of faculty with extensive expertise in basic skills. In addition, […]

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters

World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) This is a new and exciting era for sign language interpreters, and WASLI, as a membership-led organisation, is proud to be at the forefront of developments. This website is designed to meet your needs for information and support, and to bring you up to date news of what […]

The Right of the Deaf Child to Grow Up Bilingual

The Right of the Deaf Child to Grow Up Bilingual The ASL & Deaf Studies department, in collaboration with François Grosjean, Professor Emeritus, of Neuchâtel University, Switzerland, presents translated versions of the article: “The Right of the Deaf Child to Grow Up Bilingual” in three sign languages.