CEUs for YOUR Event!

The TIEM Center can help you provide RID CEUs for your educational activities. Please note that RID requires that all paperwork for these activities be submitted  no later than 30 days prior to your event. In order to satisfy that requirement, you should plan on contacting the TIEM Center no less than 15 days prior to that, (i.e. plan on 45 days lead time prior to your event). Of course, always feel free to check with us to see if we can turn your request around in less than 15 days!

Attached here Sponsored Event CEU Request Forms is a copy of the paperwork you will need to submit when requesting CEUs for your event. There are 2 forms, one for the event, and one for the instructor. These forms are attached FYI only, to help you prepare your request. Please contact us for questions.

Cost: The organization hosting the event is charged a processing fee of $75.00/request. If there are events or workshops within the overall event, and each will offer separate CEUs, an additional discounted processing fee is charged for each.

EXAMPLES: You can offer a standard number of CEUs for your event (eg. 1.5 CEUs for a 15 hour workshop). In order to receive CEUs, participants must attend the full event, and can only be awarded the full number of CEUs. Host organization pays a single $75.00 processing fee.

If you prefer to offer CEUs for segments of your event (eg. 0.3 CEUs for a 3 hour workshop; 0.6 CEUs for a 6 hour session) you will need to submit a separate request for each session or segment. Host organization pays an initial $75.00 processing fee to process the first workshop request, plus additional discounted fees  for each additional, separate workshop or session request. Discounts are determined based on the number of additional requests.

MISSED the deadlines? Contact us to find out how your participants can apply for PINRA CEUs prior to the event.

You can contact us for more information at

GOOD LUCK with your event!