TIEM Center LogoQuestionsActive Learning-YOUR Way offers an ever-growing variety of learning resources and opportunities for interpreting and ASL educators and mentors, ranging from novice to experienced.  More importantly, the TIEM Center is an approved RID CMP sponsor, where you can explore your own ideas and engage your own creativity! If you have an idea, a project, a course, a resource material that you’d like to pursue, but are not sure how to get started, contact us for Independent Study opportunities.

Best PracticeInnovative, Practical Approaches to Teaching and Research   Are you interested in new perspectives in your classroom? Do you want to enrich your teaching with effective practices? Research your current teaching practices for impact and success? Better understand how research applies to your teaching? Join in the discussions about research, teaching practices, resources, and technologies that can energize your classes, students, and yourself.

NetworkingNetworking >> Sharing >> Enriching our Field  Share what you know AND learn from others. Much of the information we gather is available freely to the public. Yet, in order to offer an environment conducive to trust and support, some areas of our site require membership. We encourage positive, constructive interactions and strive to provide community areas where teachers and mentors with a broad range of experience and wisdom can share openly. Likewise, we encourage dissemination of information and practices that can expand and enrich our field.

ServiceCustomized Services for Educators, Mentors, Programs and Agencies     The TIEM Center is committed to excellence and integrity in interpreting education, serving the needs of those interested in the effective preparation of sign language interpreters. This audience includes faculty, free-lance educators, mentors, ASL teachers, and practicing interpreters. We offer a wide range of services for interpreting and ASL educators, mentors, and researchers and have extensive and successful experience in curriculum design, development, implementation and evaluation. Contact the TIEM Center for consultations about program building, curriculum revisions, and evaluation and accreditation needs.

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